Parkhurst based speciality roasters. Not only do they sell coffee, they pride themselves in training industry baristas, roasters and the home enthusiast to better understand the complex nature of the coffee bean.

Bajeti African Blend

This Fair-Trade certified blend is organically grown in the Tanzanian Kongoni and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe regions

Roasted to a medium profile to produce flavours with floral note, fruitiness and a nutty aftertaste. With mild acidity, marzipan sweetness and a syrupy finish. A perfect combination for milk beverages

Roasting from inside Jozi Blue, Blue Bean Roastery is a force to be reckoned with. Sourcing only the best beans from around the world these guys really know what they are doing


Rich chocolate notes, mildly fruity

Creamy, nutty flavour with good body and thick crema. a sweet coffee with a clean after-taste and hints of dark chocolate

Dark roast


Sweet aroma with black current notes

Vibrant fruity notes with a medium creamy body. Complex flavours of butter, berries, cherries and black current. A sweet coffee leaving a clean after-taste

Dark roast


Bold rich aroma with hints of cedar, honey and toast

Fruited notes in the flavour, sweet citrus- lime, sweet grapefruit- with a hint of earthiness leaving a creamy mouth feel. Cocoa powder notes and vanilla in the after-taste

Dark roast

Since 2004, this KZN roastery has given great care to procure only the finest green coffee beans. Combining skill and patience, they sift and roast their beans, consistently producing coffee they gladly put their name to. they pride themselves on being one of the most honest coffee brands around, not compromising on the taste and never forgetting who they are.

This is Africa

Rich, full bodied with a fruity after taste

High grade blend of 100% Arabica beans are sourced from Uganda and Ethiopia, creating a deep, rich flavour with soft fruit undertones in the finish – characteristic of the Ethiopian bean

Medium/Dark roast

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